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English Cream Goldens

Total Price: $2,500 (Deposits paid come off of full purchase price)

With the current waiting list we are looking at January 2024 as our soonest availability for taking home an English Cream Retriever puppy from Cream Of The Crop. That will be a litter with Pearl and Zircon.

We plan to breed Ulles and Maisie in Spring. We ask for a $50 dollar non-refundable deposit to be placed on our waiting lists, which in turn comes off the purchase price of your puppy. It is a flat fee of $50 to be placed on only one or both waiting lists. Feel free to contact us with inquiries, specific questions or to get on the waiting list.

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American Goldens

Total Price: $2,500
(Deposits paid come off of full purchase price)

We're currently in between females and have a wait of about 2 years before we will again have Golden colored puppies. We have found a breeder who will give us breeding rights on a RED Golden female, both parents having all health clearances and genetic testing for the breed. We will get a puppy this Spring (2024) so it will be 2 years before we can have puppies.

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See Pictures Organized By Mother/Father Combinations

This link takes you to our facebook page where we have albums titled Pearl/Zircon, Ulles/Zircon, and Bella/Zircon.  You can see pictures of them from puppies up to adults in each album.

Past Puppies