Dreams really do come true...
and I’m living mine.

My love for goldens began when I was 12 years old. I had golden retriever note cards, calendar, pictures, books, t-shirt and even a life sized stuffed animal...always dreaming of the day I had a real live golden retriever. At age 15 I got my first golden retriever that I named Dixie, she was a rescue. After working through some fears she had from her former life she became my loyal sidekick and best friend. We had many amazing adventures together. My love for goldens continued to deepen with every year that passed. I married my wonderful husband in 2017 and we got our first family dog. I was so excited as this was my first time getting a golden puppy. So Bella joined our family and became the best dog we could ask for. She showed us just how amazing this breed can be. So smart (learning every command after only a few times being told), so loyal, and so gentle. Bella has now retired and lives with Grandma and Grandpa, she's spoiled and living the dream.  We see her often and she still comes over to play a lot.

Now our family has grown to include Pearl, Ulles, Glory and Zircon. They make life interesting and full of fun as they each have a little different personality but they all hold true to the wonderful temperament any golden retriever owner will tell you you’ll find in this breed. Our goal as breeders is to offer puppies with only the very best temperaments by breeding only dogs that posses that temperament. Also, we strive to do what we can to further the health and genetics of the breed itself.

We live on a 70 acre farm in Rubicon, WI, that is part of a bigger family run organic dairy farm operation. Milking about 75 cows daily and farming about 600 acres. Our dogs love the farm life. On our farm we house and care for the weaned calves, raise 20 pigs each Summer, and have chickens and cats to boot. Life is filled with trips to the pond, walks through the fields, and lots of animals to play with.  We built the dogs their very own 23'x23' room (with in floor heat) and put up over 600 feet of fencing, no kennels here.  The pen surrounds our home and they look in at us through the windows, with access to their pen from our living room.  They rotate being indoors since whoever has puppies lives in the house with us, don't worry Zircon gets his turn too even though he doesn't get maternity dwelling :) After ten minutes inside he is ready to head back outside and dig holes. We see lots of wagging tails and happy doggy smiles.