Our lovely English Cream Female boasts a striking champion filled pedigree. Her meek, gentle spirit makes her favorite to all. As sweet as they come.
Our Lovable Lamb.

This beautiful girl traveled from Ukraine to join our family. A "Junior Champion" in golden conformation. She brings with her a pedigree of champions and a gentle, loyal personality. She is all that could be desired in a golden. 
Our Sweet Jewel.

Ulles Gold


The newest addition to our pack.  This girl has an incredible pedigree loaded with champions from overseas with her father originating in Russia and her mother in Romania.  Welcoming her in April of 2023 we hope to have puppies with her in 2024 after her clearances have been completed.


Our English Cream male takes after his striking parents and brings with him a champion filled pedigree. He is full of sweetness, gentleness, and an all around "golden" personality. He is very smart and eager to please. Visit his page for some cool pictures of our handsome boy.  He can definitely carry the title...
Our White Knight.

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